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'Black widow' charged with killing two spouses Montgomery County prosecutors revived a decades old murder case Friday by filing fresh charges against a 55 year old former Gaithersburg woman in the killings of her two husbands. Prosecutors and county police charged Josephine Virginia Gray, dubbed the "black widow," with two counts of first degree murder in District Court in Rockville in the deaths of Norman Stribbling in Potomac in 1974 and William Robert Gray in Germantown in 1990. "Female black widow spiders kill their mates. That's what Josephine Gray is alleged to have done not once, but three times," said Montgomery State's Attorney Douglas F. Gansler on Tuesday. Gray is also suspected in the 1996 shooting death of her cousin and boyfriend, Clarence Goode, in Baltimore. Baltimore City Police spokesman Sgt. Kevin Daniels said Tuesday that the investigation into Goode's death is ongoing and Gray has not been ruled out as a suspect. Stribbling's body was found on March 4, 1974, in his car in the 15000 block of River Road in Potomac, a single .32 caliber gunshot wound to his head, according to court papers. Gray's body was found on the floor of his Germantown apartment on Grey Eagle Court on Aug. 23, 1990, shot twice with a .45 caliber gun. Goode died of a single 9mm automatic handgun wound; his body was found in the trunk of his car on June 21, 1996, in Baltimore. Montgomery's original 1974 murder case against Gray for Stribbling's death was apparently stymied by witnesses who recanted or left the area, fearing Gray's alleged witchcraft powers, Gansler said. "Their reticence is rooted in the belief that Josephine Gray has extraordinary powers, including use of voodoo and black magic," he said. The 1974 charges and the subsequent 1991 charges were later dropped. Court papers detail some of the black magic allegations: A frightened Stribbling told a friend that his wife dabbled in voodoo and showed his friend papers with strange phrases and potion instructions that contained Stribbling's name, police wrote in court papers. In another instance, Gray's daughter told her stepsister that she found a voodoo doll of William Gray with pins stuck in it shortly after he separated from Josephine and left their Gaithersburg house, police said in court papers. Montgomery prosecutors moved quickly to file the murder charges last week after federal prosecutors charged Gray with insurance fraud in November for collecting nearly $163,000 in insurance benefits from the deaths of her two husbands and Goode. Federal prosecutors invoked Maryland's so called slayer's rule, which prohibits anyone from profiting from a death for which they are responsible. In addition, changes in rules of evidence would now allow prosecutors to introduce recanted statements as evidence, boosting their case, he said. Moreover, statements by two witnesses Gray's current boyfriend Andre Savoy and Goode's brother, Lenron Goode which implicated Gray, strengthened the evidence, Gansler said.

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